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Cabinet Composite 18 to 36mm HDF laminated to 4mm sprung steel plate. Plus additional 4mm steel plate composite baffle.
Differential Cancellation bracing utilising 25mm hardwood dowel, 13mm steel rod and 18mm Birch Plywood.
Crossover construction: Full hardwire hand build, all joints are high oressure low contact area cold weld sealed with Teflon amalgamated wrap.
10awg aircored inductors, low tension handwound double stabilised.
Duelund VSF copper foil capacitors in low and high pass crossover filters.
Duelund Carbon Phenolic 15 watt resistors throughout.
Proprietary integration of enclosure substrate steel plate with Crossover network groundplanes.
Tweeter 1 inch chambered textile dome
Mid-bass driver 8 inch Nomex Diaphram
Wiring Handbuilt 25mm and 13mm RibbonTek flat ribbon wire with proprietary dialectric.
Input connection Eichmann cablepods
Frequency Response 25 - 25Khz +/- 1.5db (in room)
Sensitivity 88dB @ 2.83V/m
Impedance 8 ohms nominal
Reccomended amplifier wattage 20 - 700W
Cabinet dimensions (HxWxD) 1000 x 244 x 450mm (39 x 9.6 x 17.7")
Weight (1 speaker) 80kg (176 lbs)

All specifications may be subject to change without notice.
Each pair of ML2 Reference are stringently tested, run in for 200 Hrs on music signal, then hand tuned and supplied with their own frequency, phase and impedance plots.

The ML3 was designed with one specific goal in mind:

Reproduce the input signal better than any Loudspeaker currently in production.

The task is Herculean of course and we are very well aware of many other such attempts both present and in the past. What size room will this Loudspeaker be built for?

There is no doubt that an 8inch two way will drive a room of reasonable dimensions only! We're talking here of around 140 cubic mtrs | 5000 cubic feet with dimensions approximately 6mtrs x 8mtrs x 3mtrs. This is certainly a decent size living room. Due mainly to it’s PRC Xover and bottom vent design, the ML3 will drive a room as small as 50 cubic mtrs | 1700 cubic feet with no bass boom whatsoever!

OK, but how much energy can an 8 inch two way produce? I mean, will they have enough steam in the bass for me? After all sometimes when I’m in the mood I like to get into some Rage Against the Machine or Tool or even Faithless. But at the same time I mostly listen at moderate levels to Jazz and Classical music.

ML3’s have, we believe; state of the art bass reproduction. Rock solid into the mid 20hz region, their speed articulation and detail in the lower frequencies is the foundation for the rest of the frequency range. The ML3 power handling is huge! mainly because of the immense high power understressed Xover.

We believe the ML3 is the closest thing to the universal Holy Grail of balanced high end design that is possible to currently achieve. In a room of approximately 130 cubic mtrs or 4500sq ft the ML3 will play flat to near 25hz in the listening chair! And no it won't boom in the bass and be impossible to set up like many others. You won't for instance have to set them up 6ft into the room to get a decent balance.

In respect of imaging and soundstage depth the ML3's will throttle your senses. In our test room with the ML3’s set up 75cm (2.5ft) off the front wall and 2.75mtrs apart with a listening distance of 3.2mtrs image width is at least 2mtrs wider than the loudspeakers with 3 dimensional soundstage that goes back through the wall!! Belafonte live at Carnegie hall for instance is simply huge with tremendous image and dimensional stability. Detail within the soundstage we believe is currently SOTA (state of the art). Speed, bass slam and transient abilities are also currently at the leading edge of moving coil loudspeaker design.

The reasons for the ML3’s intrinsic superiority are many, but the unique and world's first acoustical foam baffle design probably heads the list. This baffle makes the enclosure of the ML3's ostensibly invisible to the low and high frequency drivers. Try this: put your hands around your mouth like your going to yell at someone 200mtrs down the road, but flatten them out so they don’t cup like a cone. OK, now turn to someone and recite a simple phrase, then take your hand away and recite the same phrase. The difference in the sound of your voice is of course amazing . You were listening to distortion of course and it’s obvious; Yes? That’s why all speakers with baffles of any sort are inferior.

ML3’s bass loading is proprietary, the port is huge and under stressed so that at high sound pressure levels it still supports the bass driver, in fact it’s close to linear at all drive inputs. Rock solid extended bass that does not produce a grungy type of incoherent bloom underneath the mid’s and high’s. The corollary here is phenomenal transparency that hitherto has only been the province of the best full range electrostatics but with punch weight and authority that the former has simply never been capable of.

As with all the ML series the Xover is hand built and hardwired. After run in each Xover is handtuned to each host loudspeaker in front of a measurement microphone to a virtually zero tolerance. Each Xover is subtly different to every other ML Xover because each Loudspeaker itself is an individual unto itself. The end result though is imaging and soundstaging perfection.

These Loudspeakers can pull off the ultimate disappearing act, no doubt.