A Word From Mike

The world is now ostensibly made up of the most critical and difficult to please audiophile of all time... The Audio Forum member!

Almost in the twinkling of an eye, an average performing product is exposed add nauseum; dissected and summarily executed before a worldwide audience. On the other hand if a boutique manufacturer produces a good product and doesn’t overcharge he is rewarded with continuing orders.

This is the NEW WORLD of Highend audio, gone are the days of giant 40 to 50 point 80% to 100% retail margins.

A word of caution though for you lucky new wave audiophiles out there, it cuts both ways; in most cases you simply can’t listen before you buy. If you want to, you're simply not a new wave person, you want your cake and eat it too, and it simply is not going to happen. You must trust the world wide web which you yourself have embraced, you must listen to your international nemeses, they were just as paranoid about tapping that buy button as you are.

For this reason Lenehan Audio will include a Forum on our new website where members will as a matter of course I suppose be using Lenehan Audio equipment but we certainly welcome any comparisons with other manufacturers equipment.

At Lenehan Audio products are sold factory direct so in some cases it will be difficult for a customer to get a demo of the products first. If the audiophile wants a demo first he’s going to have to pay a huge premium in retail margin. If you're in Australia just fly to the factory for a day. if you're International read the plethora of reviews written by audiophiles just like you, not some high end magazine that derives most of it’s income from the very manufacturers whose products it’s reviewing. The modern audiophile has spoken I’m afraid; and the sooner direct selling is embraced by Manufacturers the sooner the rot of the Global Financial Crisis begins to abate.

Let the listening begin!!

Best Regards,
Mike Lenehan