Interconnect RCA Cables per Pair
0.5m A$595

1.0m A$700

1.5m A$730

2.0m A$795

Interconnect XLR Cables per Pair
0.5m A$700

1.0m A$795

1.5m A$890

2.0m A$980

2.5m A$1100

Please include send and receive end terminals in PayPal description! (Banana, Spade)

Loudspeaker Cables per Pair
1.0m A$1190

1.5m A$1325

2.0m A$1460

2.5m A$1590

3.0m A$1725

3.5m A$1855

4.0m A$1975

All prices include express postage!

Free shipping Australia-wide only. For export products please see FoilFlex.

For a custom length of cable price enquiry or purchase request, please contact Mike Lenehan via email.